Our story starts 2011 as students at High School in Schiers...
we already sold more than 61'300 soclips
Lukas, Nadine, Orlando, Samuel and Matthias chose their subject Law and Economics. Part of the course was to found an enterprise and be part of the Swiss economy within the boundaries of the YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) organization. The project was supposed to las for one year. This enabled us to found soclip in 2011. The goal of the project was to gain valuable experience through learning by doing, while participating in the market. YES supported and helped us with Seminaries to develop skills, as well as Events in order to promote our product. The highlight of this year was definitely being chosen to be the third best young-enterprise of Switzerland! A huge honor. Still diminishing in comparison to what we gained in experience, how well we worked together and how much fun we had as a team. This is why we decided to extend our Project.. ... soon after we were able to found the legal framework. Soclip was from now on the soclip Ltd (soclip GmbH). Since four years we’ve been operating as a legal entity.
That's us now...
and this is all from the beginning...
First YES seminary about team building
That was one of our first sale events
Meeting Renzo Blumenthal (former Mister Switzerland) at the Swiss Farmer Convention
Third place in the national competition, our biggest award as of now
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