The Problem is solved! The problem of sorting your socks has finally been eliminated! Our soclip keeps a pair of socks together during the whole wash process including drying. This allows you to spare time. Additionally identifying the owner of the socks will be easy. Due to six different colors of soclip, each color can be assigned to a family member. There will be no more complaints about someone stealing socks from his family members ;-) Our product eliminates the time consuming task of bundling the socks to pairs and identifying the ‘owner’. Due to these features the soclip allows you to save time and energy during the wash process.
we already sold more than 61'300 soclips
System The movable right part of the clip can be opened to the outside. Then you place a pair of socks in between. After closing the clip and checking if the sock is properly placed in the clip, the socks can be washed with the clip. The system is easy to handle. With little effort every family member can help to eliminate the time consuming part of sock sorting.
Warning: Children under 3 years should not play with the Soclip’s. Also be careful not to open the Soclip too far.
The Soclip is equipped with an all-round hanger. Instead of blow drying you can hang them up to dry. The cross design of the soclip reminds you that Soclips are made in Switzerland, which guarantees high quality. We are convinced; that the design of the Soclip leaves a good visual impression as well as it serves all functions.
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